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Get your Access Plus Debit Card today!

Two simple options: Flat fee for unlimited Transactions or Pay-as-you-go for Each Transaction


  • Members are able to access funds anytime day or night seven days per week.
  • Access via Multilink network at ATMs and Point of Sale Terminals
  • Removes the hassle of having to travel with large amount of cash.
  • Provides security as it replaces cash in hand.
  • Access to a number of services such as withdrawals, deposits, balance inquiry, transfer, purchase of goods and services.
  • Show card to get discount at select merchants

Key Features & Characteristics

  • Accepted at thousands of merchant point of sale and ATM's island wide.
  • Secured by a personal identification number which is known only by the card holder.
  • Safe & Secure


Select a debit card as a flat fee option with unlimited Multilink transactions via the Express Deposit Account or as a Pay-As-You-Go option via the Golden Anchor Account where members pay per transaction performed. A comparison of these products is available on their respective pages.